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Series Discussion: The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson (SPOILERS!) | NEW Favourites!

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This is going to be a discussion of The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson –  this is going to be a bit more informal/ just me gushing. There will be SPOILERS for all three books! My Spoiler-free Review is here.

Let me start off by saying: OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE.
Why had I been sleeping on this series? Why is this series not more hyped up?!
I hardly ever hear anything about these books, they deserve so much more recognition. Quite possibly my new favourite YA fantasy series.

I love the fact in book one you don’t know who’s the assassin and who the Prince is. I thought this was such a cool idea – I’ve never read anything like it before. I actually guessed wrong about who was who! Even though looking back it’s super obvious. I thought Kaden was the Prince because at the festival thing that happens he knew all the words to songs – I assumed that meant he was the Prince as I thought Princes would be educated on other religions. I assumed Rafe was the assassin because he knew nothing of Morrighan religion/culture and since the assassin was from Venda I thought he wouldn’t be as educated as they are known to be ‘barbarians’. AND Rafe hid the body of that bounty hunter guy.

The World:
I loved this world. I found it fascinating!
The worldbuilding lacks a bit in the first book, but I loved it in the rest of the books. I love how unique and different the three kingdoms were from each other.
I personally love politics and religion in fantasy it really helps build the world and give you a feel of the culture.

The Magic System:
The ‘magic’ was an interesting one, it was kinda magic but not really? The gift is basically like this world’s version of being psychic but with restrictions. I have to admit I’ve never read anything similar so points for being quite unique. I thought the fact the gift was passed down to the First Daughters (usually) – this was different. Obviously, it’s not a very ‘magical’ magic system but it was well written and I thought it was fascinating regardless.

The Writing:
I love Mary E. Pearson’s writing style. It was a breeze to get through, I devoured these books in a week. Despite the last book being huge (almost 700 pages), I FLEW through it.

The Characters:
Lia: FINALLY a badass, strong female character who is consistently strong and a decent human being. She is everything I’ve always wanted from a female lead character. I love her personality; she’s outspoken, strong-willed and such a great person. I love that she doesn’t dwell/whine about her mistakes/choices in life, she takes it all in and tries to move on and solve the problems. There is nothing I hate more than a whiny character complaining about their bad decisions and mistakes instead of trying to correct them. Lia is not like that, thankfully.

Rafe: I loved Rafe from the beginning. Even when I didn’t know whether he was the Prince or the Assassin. I was rooting for Rafe and Lia from the moment they met basically. I found Rafe really easy to like, he was just such a great character and great love interest. There were moments where I had my doubts – like when he started to get controlling – I thought Lia and Rafe might not work out. I thought there was going to be a bit of a Tamlin incident where he starts off alright but then turns into a possessive asshole to set up the next relationship. I am SO happy that didn’t happen!

Kaden: I liked him. It took a while but he did grow on me. I didn’t really take to him in the first book but over the next two books, I began to like him more and more. I feel sorry for him, his family life and being tossed out like trash – so sad.
Kaden and Pauline – SO CUTE OMG. I love that he’s so good with her and her baby!


The Kiss of Deception – ★★★★.5
The Heart of Betrayal – ★★★★
The Beauty of Darkness – ★★★★.5

Series Rating: ★★★★.5

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What did you think of The Remnant Chronicles?


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  1. I will admit I had to skip over this review as after reading your spoiler free one I now want to read the series so avoiding spoilers!

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