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Book Review: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson (Spoiler free)

Waiting on Wednesday: AN ENCHANTMENT OR RAVENS by Margaret ...

Hey guys!
Look who finally has a review up!
It has been an age since I posted a review. I am seriously slacking in the reviews on my blog. I’ve been in such a slump for literally all of 2020.

Every enchantment has a price.

With a flick of her paintbrush, Isobel creates stunning portraits for a dangerous set of clients: the fair folk. These immortal creatures cannot bake bread or put a pen to paper without crumbling to dust. They crave human Craft with a terrible thirst, and they trade valuable enchantments for Isobel’s paintings. But when she receives her first royal patron—Rook, the autumn prince—Isobel makes a deadly mistake. She paints mortal sorrow in his eyes, a weakness that could cost him his throne, and even his life.

Furious, Rook spirits Isobel away to his kingdom to stand trial for her crime. But something is seriously amiss in his world, and they are attacked from every side. With Isobel and Rook depending upon each other for survival, their alliance blossoms into trust, perhaps even love . . . a forbidden emotion that would violate the fair folks’ ruthless laws, rendering both their lives forfeit. What force could Isobel’s paintings conjure that is powerful enough to defy the ancient malice of the fairy courts?

Isobel and Rook journey along a knife-edge in a lush world where beauty masks corruption and the cost of survival might be more frightening than death itself.

My Thoughts:
I have seriously mixed feelings for this book. My emotions are all over the place!
On one hand, I enjoyed it, but on the other, I didn’t?

The Writing Style – Wow! This was beautifully written.
This book is full of lush prose. The writing style was seriously a big factor in me finishing this book. It was so lovely to read. It was lyrical without being pretentious and over the top. Everything was described so poetically, it was just so *pretty*
I did like the world Margaret Rogerson created. It was unique and alluring. However, as I explain further down, it ultimately falls flat.

The Plot: Slow paced.
Painfully slow paced. This is a big no-no for me, it was slow for approx 80% of the novel then went insanely fast at the end. There really wasn’t much plot going on. The first half of the novel was really fleshed out and unnecessarily so, I was forever waiting for something exciting or dramatic to happen. When something exciting did finally happen, it was over pretty quickly. I feel like the plot focuses on the less important/more boring aspects in detail, while skimming over the good bits.

It isn’t a long book, 300ish pages, but it felt so very long in places. I expected it to be a quick, easy read, instead it was a bit of a drag and hard to pick back up at times. Which is exactly the opposite of what I wanted, since I was in a huge slump!

I could’ve forgiven the slow pace, had the story actually gone somewhere and there was world building to make up for the slow pace.

World building who?
The lack of world building here was a huge disappointment! The glimpses we see of the world were really interesting and intriguing but we never get any depth. Things are mentioned in passing and never expanding on, a lot more questions were asked than answered. I am a huge fan of detailed world building, that being said, it’s not a requirement, though minimal IS essential. Here we got next to nothing. I just wanted more.
The author’s take on Fae was so unique and interesting, it was different to most Fae I’ve seen/researched previously, again I wanted more. The concepts and ideas were amazing, the execution – not so much. Everything felt underdeveloped.

The Ending: Flat.
The whole book was slow and painful. Then it finally gets exciting towards the end and it is rushed. So very rushed. For the most part, I had no idea where this novel was leading… Then towards the end it got increasingly more obvious. I’m not mad at how things turned out at the very end but getting to that ending fell flat for me. It had so much potential.

Characters: Meh
I didn’t really feel strongly towards any of the characters. I neither loved nor hated the main character, Isobel. She was just an okay protagonist. Isobel wasn’t anything special or exciting but she wasn’t awful either.
Rook was slightly more interesting at first, being Fae, but he was underdeveloped, in my opinion. I still feel I don’t really know much about him. Ultimately, both Rook and Isobel are forgettable characters that won’t be staying with me in the future.

Characters can really make or break a book for me, I tend to favour character driven novels over plot, this book basically had neither for me. Although, I was indifferent to the characters, so they neither made nor broke the story.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Have you read An Enchantment of Ravens? What were your thoughts?

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Books for My Younger Self

Hello Everyone!
It’s been a while, I’ll have *another* life update soon.

Today I’m going to talk about books/series I’d recommend to my younger self / wish I’d read when I was younger.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

Mr. Scott's 7th Grade English: The Percy Jackson Problem

I read Rick Riordan for the first time as an adult, but I really wish I’d read him as a kid. I absolutely love his books, they’re obviously aimed at children but I think they’re amazing for all ages. However, I didn’t read as a kid and I feel like these books would’ve gotten me into reading at a younger age.

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

6 YA Fantasy Series to Binge-Read When You Don't Want to ...

I haven’t hidden my distaste for this series, so you might be wondering why I’d include this series.
I didn’t like this when I read it last year, but I was 22 ish. It isn’t really aimed at me, although I believe YA can be enjoyed by all ages, I think this one suits younger readers best. I think I actually would’ve really enjoyed this series when I was younger and less versed in fantasy books.

Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell

Spellslinger (Series) | Spellslinger Wiki | Fandom

This criminally underrated series is one of my favourites. It’s very YA but very good. The humour is great and can be appreciated at any age. I wish this series was around when I was a teen, I feel like I could’ve really related to Kellen, the main character, when I was younger.

Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Black Brother, Black Brother: Rhodes, Jewell Parker: Books

My reading was definitely not diverse when I was younger, I wish it had been. I’m trying to remedy that now, but I wish I could’ve experienced it from a younger age. I certainly never read books with characters like me, there was a whole lack of mixed race characters (still is, really). Diversity in books has only bloomed in recent years, which is great. I’m glad kids now can experience books with characters like them!

What books would you recommend to your younger self?

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Finally Reading Again | WWW Wednesday 09/09/2020


Happy Wednesday!
This tag/meme is hosted on Taking on a World of Words. It’s a super simple meme, you just answered the three W questions.

The Three Ws are:

What did you recently finish reading?
What are you currently reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Recently Finished

Nothing 😦
More about why in my last post.

Currently Reading

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

Waiting on Wednesday: AN ENCHANTMENT OR RAVENS by Margaret ...

I decided to pick this up as it’s fairly short and I have it on Kindle, which for some reason makes it easier to read when I’m in a slump… Yeah, I have no explanation. Ebooks are faster to read for me. I’m currently only a few chapters in but I’m intrigued! I love Fae, they’re my favourite fantasy race to read about. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy this!

Reading Next

Since I am currently in a slump, I’ll be sticking with easy reads and mainly Kindle and audiobooks.

*All Along You Were Blooming by Morgan Harper Nichols

*Free copy from

I don’t know much about this or the author, who is an instagram poet, I believe. But, I’ve been trying to get into poetry more and this is pretty short (>2 hours).

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Aurora Rising: The Aurora Cycle 1 - Amie Kaufman and Jay ...

I have this in audiobook and ebook, so I’ll probably switch between the two/ read along with the audiobook and see which format works for me. I’ve heard really mixed things about this book, I’m interested to see where my opinion will fall!

What are you currently reading?


Life Update + August Wrap Up 2020

Life update

August was a hard month to say the least.

To start off, I was in a slump both reading and mental health wise in July which continued to the beginning of August. I planned to try and get out of it and read loads but that didn’t go to plan. I was trying to find uni accommodation, which was stressful, then I finally found somewhere and had to sort all that out. I also went into a blogging slump, especially after the new WordPress editor update… Anyone else bloody hate it?

I basically felt like doing nothing, all throughout August. So I decided to just stop forcing myself to read. The month picked up towards the end, mood wise, so I thought. I went on a date, it was great, my mood picked up and I was feeling better. Then my elderly dog, Brandy, started to get more and more frail. My mother made the decision it was time to let him go. I’d had him my practically my whole life, we got him when I was 5 years old and I’m 23 now. Brandy was my best friend for almost 18 years and it absolutely destroyed me to let him go.

Wrap up

I only managed two books for August.

Firstly, I finished my reread of The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E Pearson


I enjoyed rereading this series so much. I loved being back in this world and revisiting these characters. Lia is one of my favourite heroines of all time.
I have a series review and a series discussion (spoilers) up for this, feel free to read those if you want to know my in depth thoughts.

Next, I listened to the audiobook of Pride by Ibi Zoboi

36589831. sx318

I’m really sad to say this book disappointed me 😦
I didn’t really know much about this other than it was a Pride and Prejudice retelling, which is one of my favourite classics, so I was sold! Ultimately, it was just meh. There wasn’t much P&P going on, it was a stretch to call it a retelling. I didn’t really like any of the characters and the romance wasn’t enjoyable.

Hope you are all doing well!
I’ll be back with some new posts soon (once I get the hang of this new editor. It’s taking me forever to write!)