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Last Book Haul of 2018!


Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas + The preorder pin


This book and the pin are gorgeous! The pin is way bigger than I expected it to be. It’s quite large. Very pretty though! Wish I had someone nice to put it…

*The Silver Queen by Josie Jaffrey

DSC_3153-e1545825172197.jpgThank you, Josie, for sending me your book + some cool swag!
The pin is so nice! I seriously need a good way of storing pins. Hmm…

*The Girl King ARC by Mimi Yu

Thank you to Alex @ Gollancz books for the ARC + Swag! (The m&ms were really good!)

Throne of Glass Collectors Edition by Sarah J Maas


I am in awe at this edition. It’s literally the most beautiful thing ever.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


Beautiful Broken Things  by Sara Barnard

*Fierce Fragile Hearts ARC by Sara BarnardDSC_3159.JPGThank you to MyKindaBook for the ARC of Fierce Fragile Hearts! (Out Feb 2019)

*You Only Live Once by Jess Vallance

DSC_3161.jpgThank you HotKey Books for the review copy!

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor US Hardback


I won this in a twitter giveaway! I’m so happy to have US copy, I love this cover!

And finally… Christmas presents from my Mum + Brother:
Chaos Walking: The Complete Trilogy Boxset 
Nevernight by Jay Kristoff 

I asked my mum for the box set, the covers of this edition are so nice! I really want to read these before the film comes out in 2019. (I think that’s when it comes out?)

My brother got me Nevernight, I told him to get me something off my wishlist on Amazon and he picked a good one! I’ve been dying to read this for forever! Cannot wait to get to this soon!


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Books I Didn’t Read in 2018| Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme, GoodReads group here with all the topics + discussion!
This week’s topic is: Books You Didn’t Get to in 2018

Some of these I really wanted to read this month but I’ve been in a reading slump all month. It’s been hell. Hopefully, it won’t continue into 2019.

Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Image result for obsidio by jay kristoff & amie kaufman

I read Illuminae back in 2016 and Gemina in 2017 and I just completely forgot to pick this book up. I have forgotten most of the first two books, so I need to reread before getting to this in 2019. I’m currently rereading Illuminae but it’s taking forever since I’m in a slump. I’m hoping it’ll get me out of it!

Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor


I was really hoping to get to this, this month! But Alas, the reading slump killed all my motivation. I didn’t want it to hinder my reading so I decided not to pick this up in case it made me hate it!

The Dark Vault by V.E. Schwab


Same reason as above. I was really looking forward to this. Guess I’ll try in Jan. *Sobs*

The Silver Queen by Josie Jaffrey

Again, the slump ruined me and didn’t get to pick this up. I really want to pick this up soon but we’ll see!



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Review: Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

2018-09-16 01.08.56 2.jpg

Hey guys!
I haven’t done a review in over a month, I have a backlog on ones to write as I haven’t had much time due to uni. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get them up soon!

“It was impossible, of course. But when did that ever stop any dreamer from dreaming.”

The dream chooses the dreamer, not the other way around – and Lazlo Strange, war orphan and junior librarian, has always feared that his dream chose poorly. Since he was five years old he’s been obsessed with the mythic lost city of Weep, but it would take someone bolder than he to cross half the world in search of it. Then a stunning opportunity presents itself, in the person of a hero called the Godslayer and a band of legendary warriors, and he has to seize his chance to lose his dream forever.

What happened in Weep two hundred years ago to cut it off from the rest of the world? What exactly did the Godslayer slay that went by the name of god? And what is the mysterious problem he now seeks help in solving?

The answers await in Weep, but so do more mysteries – including the blue-skinned goddess who appears in Lazlo’s dreams. How did he dream her before he knew she existed? And if all the gods are dead, why does she seem so real?

The plot is so hard to explain without giving everything away…
It’s a slow but interesting plot, not much happens yet it’s so intriguing you need to keep reading. Slow stuff isn’t my usual jam, this was really slow, like so slow but I managed to hold interest and finish it and I’m glad I did.
Laini’s writing is beautiful, magical and fluffy as always. It such a joy to read! I don’t even have to understand what’s going on and I still love it. Her writing style is so unique, no one else seems to have a similar writing style.

If you don’t like fluffy writing and tons of description, forget this book completely; you’ll hate it. Everything is so flowery it makes the book and getting to the point so much slower. I’m surprised I even liked it, since usually, I despise slow plots, preferring fast pacing.

Also, Insta-Love. If you hate that trope, don’t bother. Lazlo experiences Insta-Love about half way through.

The story is pretty damn weird, very unique and interesting. I wouldn’t know how to describe this book if I were asked to. It’s just something you need to read for yourself and figure out. I’m not even sure it fits into a genre, it’s almost its own genre.

Lazlo Strange: I loved him! He’s adorable. I love a nerdy (/relatable to me) character. His was my favourite perspective to read from. I liked him as a character, he is such a good person. It’s a nice change for me, as I do tend to like villains/anti-heroes/questionable characters. I really enjoyed reading from his perspective.

Sarai: Introduced later on in the book, so I’m not going to go into detail because spoilers! She wasn’t my favourite. I liked her, she was okay. I was interested in her story and where she is from and stuff like that but she didn’t blow my mind. I wouldn’t class her as a new favourite or anything. 

 Rating: 4 Stars!


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Most Anticipated 2019 Book Releases | Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme, GoodReads group here with all the topics + discussion!
This week’s topic is:  Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

I have so many anticipated releases, but for this post, I decided to stick to ones for the first half of the year.

Chrysalis by Brendan Reichs (March 2019)

Image result for chrysalis book brendan reichs

I was searching GoodReads for ideas to add to this list and this came up. I had completely forgotten about this! I really enjoyed the first two books and I cannot wait to see where this series goes. I believe this is the last book, so it’ll be nice to complete a series for once. I am forever starting new series!

The Wicked King by Holly Black (January 2019)
Image result for the wicked king cover
Despite the fact, I have mostly forgotten The Cruel Prince, I am still excited to read this. I remember really enjoying the first book and wanting to continue, think I’ll need a recap before picking this up. Regardless, I’m excited to get back into this world, hopefully, this book will be even better than the first. I have heard nothing but good things from those who are lucky enough to have read it already!

Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray (April 2019)
Image result for master and apprentice book
I have read a few of the new canon Star Wars books, the best/my favourites have been by Claudia Gray, so when I heard she was releasing another one I was so hyped!
I’m not a huge fan of the prequels, (the originals are just the best ok), but I do like Obi Wan and I’d like to see more Qui Gon.

Queenslayer by Sebastien de Castell (May 2019)

Image result for spellslinger by sebastien de castell

If you’ve been reading my blog for while or follow me on Instagram or Twitter (shameless plug, I know) then you know I’ve been raving about the Spellslinger series by Sebastien De Castell, it has quickly become one of my favourites. I cannot wait for this next book in the series. I am desperate for more Kellen and Reichis!

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (May 2019)

Image result for Aurora Rising: The Aurora Cycle 1

I loved Illuminae and Gemina by these two!
(I still haven’t read Obsidio, who even am I?! Currently rereading Illuminae and then Gemina and I’ll finally finish the trilogy)
I AM HYPED FOR THIS. That cover. So beautiful. I really want to read more sci-fi so this is just perfect for me.

What are some of your anticipated 2019 releases?
Comment below!


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BEST Books I Read This Autumn!


Hey guys!
I’m back with a seasonal favourites post! After every season I pick my top 5 favourites to share. I meant to do this earlier this month but I completely forgot about it. Better late than never!
This list is in no particular order, except that #1 is my number one favourite, the rest aren’t ranked.


5) Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

2018-12-16 12.02.49 1.jpg

This book took me absolutely ages to read because of starting university but still I loved it! Laini Taylor’s writing is just beautiful. I loved the characters and the story, it was slow but worth it!

4) Soulbinder by Sebastien De Castell

2018-12-16 12.02.47 1.jpg

Released this autumn, the fourth book in the Spellslinger series, which I discovered this year. I am loving this series so much! The first book remains my favourite but this was such a good read too! I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.
Highly recommend this series!

Review here!

3) Vicious by V.E. Schwab

2018-12-16 12.02.51 1.jpg

I was lucky enough to be sent the second book, Vengeful, so obviously, I had to read Vicious first. I’d never read any V.E. Schwab before but this made me love her writing! The characters were so cool and interesting, I love the x-men vibes, the plot was well executed. It was just perfection.

Review here!

2) Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Image result for norse mythology audiobook

An audiobook! I haven’t listened to many recently but when this became available at my library I just had to pick it up. I’m so glad I did because it is such an amazing book. I loved hearing all the stories and read by Neil himself! It was such a great experience for me and made my train journeys much more bearable!

 And finally, THE best book I read this autumn




1) Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas

2018-12-16 12.02.42 1.jpg

Is this really a surprise? Probably not. I’m a huge SJM fan and this is her best book yet. It was actual perfection. I loved every moment, I laughed and I cried. It was an absolutely amazing conclusion to a great series. It is now one of my favourite books of all time and I could happily reread it, right now.

Review here!


Books · Top 5 Wednesday

Book Gift Guide for YA Fantasy Lovers | Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme, GoodReads group here with all the topics + discussion!
This week’s topic is: Books to Give _____ as Gifts
(Create a recommendations guide for a person)
I chose to do a list for YA Fantasy Lovers!


1) Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas – Collectors Edition

Image result for Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas Collector's Edition

Both the UK and the US editions are gorgeous, however,  I got the US edition with the slipcase because I wanted a slipcase, it feels more special to me. Maybe I’m weird. (lol)
Throne of Glass is a great fantasy series, what better gift to give a YA Fantasy lover than this stunning collector’s edition!

2) Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo


Six of Crows: Collector's Edition: Book 1 - Six of Crows (Hardback)

Another gorgeous collector’s edition. But honestly, who wouldn’t want this? It’s freaking beautiful. The cover. The red sprayed pages. Ugh. 
This would make a great gift for someone who loves YA Fantasy with morally grey/misfits as characters. It such a cool duology, the characters are just everything, definitely worth a read!

3) Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Image result for mistborn box set

This would be a great present for a YA fantasy lover who wants to get into more adult fantasy books. The Mistborn Trilogy would be a great transition series as it is adult but feels a bit YA too. It’s a really good starting place for adult fantasy!
(Plus, the covers are beautiful!)

4) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

For the Urban Fantasy lover, this trilogy would be perfect! It’s such a cute story with cool creatures and worlds but set in the familiar place of our own world.
I never thought I’d like the whole angel/demon thing, but this unique take + Laini Taylor’s beautiful writing was just amazing.

5) Spellslinger by Sebastien De CastellImage result for sebastien de castell books

This unique western-style fantasy is just an abundance of fun! The humour is amazing, the characters are so likeable; everything is just great.
This series is such a joy to read, the books actually made me laugh out loud.
The covers are gorgeous too! (If you buy the paperbacks they have sprayed edges)



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The Holiday Drinks Book Tag


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been busy and now I have finals to do. *sign*I haven’t done a tag in an absolute age, so I’m glad to be back doing them! Especially a Christmasy one!

Thank you to Ariel + Cerys for Tagging me to do The Holiday Drinks Book Tag.
Make sure you check out the original post here!

1. Hot Chocolate: Marshmallows and chocolate and whipped cream, oh my! Recommend a book that’s sweet through and through.

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard  – I’m not usually someone who reads super sweet, cutesy books, they’re usually contemporary – which I don’t pick up often, but this book is SO adorable I can’t even.

2. Peppermint Mocha: The flavour of peppermint is strong and distinct. Recommend a book with a lot of strong emotions.

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas. My god. I cried so much during this book, I cannot even tell you how many times, I lost count. THE FEELS.

3. Apple Cider: It’s so good it can’t be good for you, but it’s from apples—that means it’s healthy, right? Recommend a book full of characters with questionable morals.

Vicious by V.E. Schwab – AMAZING BOOK! The characters are morally grey/ kinda anti-hero and I live for it.

4. Eggnog: It’s creamy and smooth, with a little spice, and some people even add alcohol to it. Recommend a book that’s mostly fun, with just a hint of danger.

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater – I’m cheating here by recommending a series but it’s such a fun series but there is a ‘danger’ element.

5. Gingerbread Latte: A drink with a veritable explosion of spices. Recommend a book with a lot of action.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Non-stop action in space! What more could you possibly want? It’s absolutely amazing and I need to continue the series asap.


I tag:
Cindy @ Readctbooks

+ Anyone else who’d like to do it!


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Book Wish List (aka books I desperately need) | Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme, GoodReads group here with all the topics + discussion!
This week’s topic is: Book Wish List

Six of Crows Collectors Edition by Leigh Bardugo

This is just so beautiful. Look it at. It even has red sprayed pages??!! So beautiful.
So many collectors editions of books I love have just come out.
Maybe, I’ll be lucky enough to get this for Christmas. (Please Santa)

Graceling 10th Anniversary Edition by Kristin Cashore

Image result for Graceling

Graceling was one of the first YA series I read because of the online book community, it will forever have a special place in my heart. It’s its 10 year anniversary and they release this beautiful edition of it. Which I desperately need.

Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy

I love Star Wars, especially the Star Wars ladies. The illustrations look so beautiful, from what I’ve seen, I really, really need to pick this up. I love learning anything and everything I can about Star Wars so this is definitely a must for me!

Fire and Blood by George RR Martin

Image result for george rr martin fire and blood

GRRM has finally released a book relating to ASOIAF. It’s no Winds of Winter… unfortunately. BUT IT WILL DO. I love House Targaryen so I cannot wait to learn more about their history. It’s a pretty thick book and it has illustrations!! Excited!

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

This has been on my TBR ever since it was announced, yet I do not own it yet. I have no idea why I haven’t read and bought this (and its sequel) but I just haven’t. I seriously need to, it sounds amazing. Everyone raves about it and I know I’ll love it too.


Books · Wrap-up

November Wrap Up!



Image result for sarah j maas kingdom of ash
The first book I finished in November was Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas.

Rating: 5 Stars
Spoiler-free Review here! | Discussion here!





Less exciting, the next book I finish was: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.
This was required reading for me, if it hadn’t have been on my course I would’ve DNF’d it.
This was probably the most boring book I’ve ever read.

I don’t usually give a rating for required reads but I am for this:
Rating: 1 Star.
DO NOT recommend. So bad.


After finishing KoA I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it, I couldn’t pick up another book. After finishing Huckleberry Finn for class, I was well and truly in a slump.
So… I decided to reread A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. 

Rating: 4 Stars
Reread review coming soon!




Another required read for uni, Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. This started out slow and I didn’t think I was going to like it but I ended up really enjoying it!

Rating: 3.75 Stars







And of course, I had to read A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas. After reading ACOTAR, I just had to continue on to this amazing book.

Rating: 5 Stars
Reread review coming soon!




Finally, the last book I finished in November was A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas.
Obviously, I had to continue my reread of ACOTAR, I loved this even more than last time!

Rating: 4 Stars



DNF’d Books:
Thought I’d also mention a book I started to read in this month but didn’t finish and won’t be finishing: Wise Children by Angela Carter – This was required reading for class but I seriously couldn’t get through it. I read about half but it was seriously boring and I couldn’t get into it at all.


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