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Forgettable Books | Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme, GoodReads group here with all the topics + discussion!
This weeks topic is; Freebie!
I decided to go with; Forgettable Books which was a topic back in January. 


1) Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


I think it’s apparent by now that I hated Wuthering Heights and the moment I was done I forget everything.

2) The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton
This was okay when I read it, however, now I have forgotten the majority of the plot. It was a bad book, it just was unmemorable. I don’t remember hardly anything that went on, everything was a bit bland and therefore, forgettable.

3) Rebel Rising by Beth Revis

Image result for rebel rising
I’ve been trying to work my way through the new canon of Star Wars novels and this one was just okay. It was fairly average but unmemorable, unlike Lost Stars by Claudia Gray, which I still constantly think about. Disappointed, since I loved Rogue One but this was just meh.

4) Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard 

Image result for victoria aveyard red queen series

I enjoyed the first two books, whilst I was reading them but the last book I hated, it was SO boring. Since then I have forgotten the majority of the story, the characters are bland and forgettable (except maybe Maven). I’ve lost interest in reading the final book, I may pick it up in the future but for now, I won’t bother.

5) The Night Circus by Eric Morgenstern

Image result for the night circus

I know this is literally everyone’s favourite but I didn’t like it. It was slow, so boring and I honestly remember nothing. I had a hard time reading this, I really don’t see the hype everyone else does. I didn’t like the characters and kept waiting for something exciting to happen and it never did. I now don’t remember anything that happened. At all. Oops.

Let me know some books you found forgettable! I love to know your opinions!


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