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Reading on a Budget: How To Get Books For FREE!

Hey guys!
Make sure you check out my first ‘Reading on a Budget’ post; Where to Find Cheap Books
In this post, I’ll be talking about how you can get books for free!

 1) The Library

The obvious place to go if you want free books is your local library!
I am guilty of not using my library enough, however, I am planning to change that.
The library is great, free books and it means you don’t have to find space for a new book. Plus if you don’t end up enjoying the book, you have no money loss!
Also, most libraries have eBooks and Audiobooks, which brings me to the next way:

2) BorrowBox/ Overdrive
Your local library will probably use one of these apps to allow their members to access eBooks and audiobooks. My library uses BorrowBox but I think most use Overdrive, either way, it’s definitely worth knowing about and using! I so far have never paid for an audiobook, I only use my libraries options.

3) NetGalleyImage result for netgalleyNetGalley is a reviewer website, where you can access advanced readers copies of books. If you sign up you can request books from publisher to review before they are released. It’s a great way of reading new releases, it helps the books get publicised before they’re published and it’s free! The only ‘downside’ is that it is eBooks only, if you don’t like reading eBooks/ on your phone or e-reader then it wouldn’t be for you. I personally love reading ebooks, I find them quicker to read and I own a kindle so it isn’t an issue for me, they are sent directly there for me!

4) Giveaways

Image result for goodreads logoGoodreads has a giveaway section under the browse option.
There is a huge selection of giveaways going on at any given time, they’re very quick and simple to enter. I have personally won quite a few books through there.
It’s always worth entering!
Image result for twitter instagram facebookAlso be sure to look at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for giveaways and contests on there!

5) #BooksforTrade on Twitter

If you are a blogger/Instagrammer and receive ARCs, the best place to unhaul them is on Twitter. Trading is a great way to unhaul books and get new ones in exchange!
You can trade any books/arcs/merch on there, loads of the book community is involved and trading. You will have plenty of opportunities to get rid of a few things and gain some new in the process. Win, win situation!
Just be careful when trading, make sure you see pictures of the books/merch beforehand. Make sure the person’s account is legit if it doesn’t look very active or no pictures/tweet, question it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

*Not sponsored by any of these companies, I have personally used these sites and want to recommend them. 


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