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30+ Book Blogger Post Ideas

Struggling for blog post ideas? You’re in the right place! Today I am sharing 30 book blogger post ideas. Posting original content all the time can be hard, we all go through creative slumps and struggle to come up with ideas. It’s always good to have some backup options for when you need to post but have no ideas.

Or maybe you’re new to the book blogging world and don’t know where to begin!

Onto the ideas:

1) Book Chats
Casually discuss a book of your choice! Great alternative to reviews.

2) Top X Favourite Books 
e.g Top 10 or Top LGBTQ+ etc

3) TBR List
You can do monthly TBRs, weekly, themed TBRs…
The possibilities are endless!

4) Current Reads
Talk about what you’re currently reading/listening to!
What books are you reading? Audiobooks? Is it good? Is it what you expected?

5) Wrap Ups
Like with TBRs you can do monthly, weekly etc.

6) Book Reviews
Most obvious one for book bloggers, reviewing books!

7) Favourite Authors
Discuss your favourite authors! What’s your favourite book/series by them? What makes them your favourite?

8) Bookish Merch
Show off some of your bookish merch collection!
Do you collect bookmarks? Pins? Tell us!

9) Interview an Author
Reach out to authors you enjoy and interview them for your blog!

10) Favourite Booktubers
Show some love & shout out your fave booktubers!

11) Interview a Blogger
Interviewing an author a bit daunting to you? Interview a fellow blogger instead!

12) Book Tags
There’s a whole host of book tags online, they’re such fun to do and they’re easy!

13) Favourite Book Series
Discuss your fave series! What does it mean to you?

14) Characters You Love/Hate
Why do you love/hate these characters?

15) Bookish Pet Peeves
Talk about what bookish things annoy you and why.

16) Interview/Feature a Bookish Company
Feature a bookish company, get them exposure and boost small companies!

17) Cover Reveals
Promote upcoming books by doing a cover reveal on your blog!

18)  Book Blogger Memes
e.g Top 10 Tuesday, WWW Wednesday

19) Favourite Villains
Who are your fave villains and why? What makes them stand out to you?

20) Book Blogging Tips
Give some advice on book blogging!

21) Reasons Why Everyone Should Read ________
Pick a book you loved and give some reasons why you think others should read it too!

22) Bookshelf Tour
I love seeing others’ bookshelves.
Show off how you organise your books and merch! It’s so much fun to nose at people’s shelves

23) Interview a Bookstagrammer
As with a fellow blogger, interview a bookstagrammer!

24) Favourite Heros/Heroines

25) Book Adaptations
Talk about a book adaptation!
Was it done well? Did it ruin the book?

26) Tropes You Love/Hate
Give your thoughts on some common or less common bookish tropes.
Do you love or hate love-triangles?

27) Book Blogger Problems
Share some #BookBloggerProblems
It is very relatable to other book bloggers!

28)  Favourite Fictional Worlds
Are you a fantasy lover? Discuss some worlds you enjoyed!

29) Bookstagram Tips
If you’re a bookstagrammer, give some tips on photography, theme, anything you’ve learnt that could help someone else.

30) Favourite Bookish Quotes

Talk about quotes that really spoke to you or stuck with you from books you’ve read.

31) Diverse Reads
Give some much-needed exposure to diverse reads!

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