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Update // Reading Wrap Up | February 2020



Hey guys, long time no see!
(Life update below the wrap-up, if you’re interested)

All of February was taken up by books for uni, but here’s what I read anyway:

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad

Image result for the secret agent penguin classics

This book was a drag, but it got better as it went along. The ending was really good and it’s an interesting book to study.

The Good Soldier by Ford Maddox Ford

Image result for august macke blaue reiter

I could not get into this book for the life of me. It was plain boring and full of awful characters. I forced myself through this and yeah… not a fan.

Autumn by Ali Smith

Image result for autumn ali smith

Having previously read and studied Ali Smith I was excited to read another of her novels and I was not disappointed! I had to read this for a Contemporary literature class and studying it was fascinating! It’s a great read in general, Smith’s writing is whimsical and lyrical, but studying it was amazing. Highly recommend picking this up.

Life Update

I’ve had some things going on in my personal life and I took an impromptu hiatus.
I’m also very busy with uni work and reading and haven’t had the time to read and review other books. Overall, life is chaotic at the moment!

I’ve had disaster after disaster (a very bad break-up and family death, power cuts, flooded kitchen). I just haven’t felt the motivation to blog. I’m hoping to regain my love of blogging and writing and get out of my slump!

Mental health-wise, I’ve been suffering pretty badly. Depression and anxiety have been really rough lately. I’m trying to remain positive and do stuff to make me happy/relaxed and it is improving, slowly but surely.

Phew. Mini rant over.

How have you guys been? What have you been reading?
Hopefully, your last month went better than mine!

5 thoughts on “Update // Reading Wrap Up | February 2020

  1. I remember reading the first two books for a class along with a similarly themed book, The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West. I remember nothing of the books other than my overall opinion and don’t know how I’d rate them if I read them now, but funnily enough, my reviews were the opposite of yours. I didn’t care much for Conrad but really enjoyed Ford and West. (Then again one of my favorite books is Wuthering Heights, so deplorable characters don’t bother me when done well.)

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  2. Definitely gonna check out Autumn now 😄!
    I’m sorry for your loss, Leisha. I hope you can have time to read and review again once things are feeling better for you. Have a peaceful March 🙂.

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