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Bookish Things I’m a Grinch About | Top 5 Wednesday | Blogmas Day 8



Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme, GoodReads group here with all the topics + discussion!
T5W is currently on a hiatus so no new topics. So I’ll be revisiting old ones 🙂
Today I’m going to do the Bookish Things I’m a Grinch about prompt!

1) Stickers on Books


Bane of my entire life. I hate it when the sticker doesn’t come off properly and you’re left with paper and glue stuck to the front.
Stop. Putting. Stickers. On. Books. I. BEG.

2) Love Triangles

Love triangles just don’t sit right with me 95% of the time. It’s usually just someone cheating on someone else/ two dudes fighting over a plain girl?? Stop.
Some love triangles are just plain ridiculous and over the top and instead of the character falling out of love the writer just turns the first person into a ‘bad’ character. *cough* Shatter Me *cough* ACOTAR *cough*

The only love triangle I can get behind is the one in The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E Pearson. Writers: Take note. This is a well-done love triangle.


3) Tissue paper thin pages

I HATE it when publishers make the pages thinner to make a book seem smaller!!
I get scared to read the books in case I rip the pages! SO annoying.

4) Book ‘adaptations’ that ignore the book

Do I need to explain this one?
Everyone’s seen a favourite book ruined on screen, right? Heartbreaking.
Use. The. Material. Source.
Why adapt a book if you’re only going to steal the title? Infuriates me.

5) Misleading blurbs/synopsis

You ever read the blurb/synopsis and think ‘WOW that sounds great!’ – then you read it and it’s nothing like what it claims. WHY. This annoys me to no end.
Recently this happened with Kingdom of Souls. Sigh. It was very disappointing.

What bookish things are you a grinch about?


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