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Hey Guys!
Happy Saturday.
Today I’m going to do a tag! It has been a hot minute since I did a tag, so I am long overdue! Tags are one of my favourite posts to do, so I’m happy to be back with another.
Luckily, I was tagged by SakhileWhispers to do this tag, thanks for tagging me! 🙂
(Not sure who originally created this tag but if you know comment!)


Eleisha // Leisha



Favourite Genres(s):

Fantasy + Sci-fi

Favourite Male Authour(s):

Brandon Sanderson, George R.R. Martin, Sebastien De Castell + Rick Riordan

Favourite Female Author(s):

Mary E. Pearson, Sarah J Maas + V.E. Schwab

Sidenote – I just realised all my favourites are white. I need some diversity, man!

Forever Favourite(s):

Image result for mistborn trilogy

Image result for warbreaker

Image result for The Remnant Chronicles covers

What Was Your First Book of 2019?

Image result for The Girl King by Mimi Yu

How Did You Like It?

It was okay, not my favourite but it was a decent read. I honestly don’t remember much, it wasn’t overly memorable or anything revolutionary.
You can check out my review here for more thoughts.

What Was Your Last Book of 2018?

Image result for Illuminae by Amie Kaufman + Jay Kristoff

How Did You Like It?

I LOVED rereading it!

What Do You Look For In A Book/What Makes It Really Stand Out?

Strong female characters, gripping plot, humour + magic systems.

Do You Collect Any Particular Sets/Editions of Books?

I have the collectors editions of Mistborn, A Game of Thrones, Throne of Glass  + Vicious. I cannot wait to get more!

Do You Prefer Ebooks, Audiobooks, or Physical (Hardback or Paperback?)

I love all formats but my preference is a physical paperback, followed closely by audiobooks!

Do You Keep Books You Didn’t Like or Get Rid Of Them?

I get rid of them; I don’t have the space to keep books I’m never going to reread again. I also don’t see the point of keeping a book I didn’t like? Like no.

What Literary Character Best Defines You/Do You Best Relate To?

There isn’t a character I would say defines me or that I relate to completely.
I can relate to parts of characters such as Lia from TRC – she’s a great, strong female character who’s sassy +independent.  Also Vin from Mistborn, she’s a strong character who’s had a hard life but is still a badass. I relate to her anxiousness around others/ her preference for being unnoticed.

I tag:  Cait @ Functionally Fiction | Susan @ NovelLives
+ anyone who wants to do this tag!


9 thoughts on “The Book Interview Tag

  1. Thank you for tagging me! This is going to be fun and I need a tag for Friday! 🙂

    Illuminae just continues to haunt me. I’m just going to purposefully not let it be first Kristoff book I read at this point lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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