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Biggest Bookstagram Mistakes + How To Fix Them


Hey Guys!
Happy Sunday
Today’s post is continuing my Bookstagram 101 series; Biggest Mistakes. I’m going to be sharing some mistakes you could be making, that could be affecting your account and how to fix them!
If you want some tips for starting a bookstagram, you can check out my first post here!

Let’s get onto the mistakes:

1) Bad Lighting

I cannot stress enough how important lighting is!!
Use natural light – it’s your best friend in photography. Poor lighting can make your pictures look low quality, dark and dull. Light and bright photos definitely do the best on Instagram.
Fix: Take your photos by a big window or go outside!

2)Big Watermarks

Nothing ruins a pretty picture like a watermark. I know you don’t want people to steal your pictures, that’s fair but watermarks are so ugly when they take up a lot of the picture. It can be off-putting to some to follow someone who puts a huge watermark across all their pictures. It ruins the photo, in my opinion. I am always hesitant to follow people who use massive watermarks. We’re literally on there for the aesthetic after all.

Fix: Stop using the watermark/ Make it smaller/ Don’t place over entire picture

3) Dark Background

As mentioned before, light and bright is best. A darker background can work if you’re skilled but it isn’t always popular. Use a light or white background, plainer the better; you want your books/bookish items to be the centre of attention. Use can still incorporate other colours/patterns but keep it minimal and strategic!

Fix: Use a white/light coloured sheet

4) Not Engaging in the community

Engaging with other Bookstagrammers is KEY for a successful account.
If you’re one of those people who just posts, never uses stories and rarely comments on others’ posts and expect success then you’re doing it wrong.
Never engaging comes across as impersonal and distant, you want to be as active as possible – not only will this improve your likes/comments but you’ll make friends!

Fix: Use your stories, comment on posts you like, host/join shout outs! Be present in the community.

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