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US vs UK Book Covers #1 | 2019 Releases


Hello Everyone 🙂
Welcome to my blog if you’re new.
I’ve been seeing a lot of people compare US and UK book covers lately and I love comparing stuff  – so I thought I’d give it ago.
I’m going to compare some 2019 book covers!

*Covers: US are on the left and UK on the right*

Other Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin


These are so wildly different. I get a different vibe for the story for each one. It actually crazy how different they are. I haven’t read this yet (but need to) so I can’t comment on which accurately represents the story but I really like the UK cover, it also has sprayed edges – it’s really gorgeous. The US one is nice, creepy but cool.

Winner: UK

Starsight by Brandon Sanderson


I still haven’t read Skyward, shame on me. Brandon Sanderson is my favourite author, I will be picking it up ASAP. Especially since the sequel is coming out right at the end of the year.
Back to the cover. I LOVE BOTH. The artwork is just gorgeous on both. The US cover makes it look more YA, to be honest. The UK makes it look like more of an adult sci-fi, in my opinion. Both are divine.
But the UK just does it for me a little more.

Winner: UK 

The Girl in Red by Christina Henry

Another book I have yet to read but own.
Both covers are really cool. I like that the wolf is such a big part of the cover on both and they both have themes of black/brown + red – which fits perfectly. You can instantly tell that it’s a Little Red Riding Hood retelling.

Winner: UK

The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan

OK. There’s a clear winner here right from the start.
The UK Rick Riordan covers are AWFUL. All of them. Always.
I’m done.
Winner: US

The Girl King by Mimi Yu

TGK (1)

I think this one is an almost tie. The US cover is cool and I love that it shows a badass girl.
However, the UK cover shows both sisters, which is way more inclusive since both are apart of the story. I also really like the colours on the UK cover + the border. I think the artwork is stunning on both. But the UK takes it this time.

Winner: UK 

I think the publishers do a great job on the covers for each respective consumers. I’ve noticed that when people compare covers, they do tend to go for their own country. So, the designers are definitely doing something right.
Maybe we’re conditioned into liking our own countries book covers?! *X-Files Music*

chatWhich cover did you like best out of the books I featured?
Do you agree/disagree with my thoughts? Let me know!


17 thoughts on “US vs UK Book Covers #1 | 2019 Releases

  1. Omg a post after my heart. Sometimes I see what the UK gets and it isnt just the covers that are prettier but they get all this swag that doesn’t cost extra but for us would be some high-priced special edition. But like your post pointed out… not always. But sometimes and it is like NOT FAIR! Most recently the autographed special colored version of Ninth House that only Waterstones in London is getting… UGH!!!!

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