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So You Want To Start a Bookstagram?! | Bookstagram 101


Hey guys!
I don’t usually post on Thursdays but here I am. I am busy preparing for my holiday tomorrow! So I’ve been good and scheduled a few posts for when I’m away.

Today I wanted to talk about Bookstagram. I have been trying to write this post for ages but have been putting it off due to other posts taking priority. Better late than never!

I’ve been on Bookstagram for a while now and I thought I’d share some tips for beginners/ people wanting to get into the Bookstagram community!


1) A good username is key

Use something simple + catchy. It’s hard at first but look around, take inspiration from other users, books, fandoms etc. You could even go with something as simple as *insert your name* reads. One of my usernames, before I settled on LiteraryLeisha, was LeishaReads.

Top tip – DO NOT USE: full stops, hyphens, loads of numbers etc
It makes it so much more time consuming for people to find you.
It’s harder to remember the placement/order.
I recommend not using them at all.

2) You DON’T need a fancy camera

Your camera phone is sufficient. Trust me. The vast majority don’t start out with a fancy DSLR camera. Most use their smartphone. You just need to learn to use it to its full potential and you can get some incredible shots.

Example – this was taken on my phone (Samsung Galaxy s8):

Which brings me to my next point:


Good light is KEY.  Lighting is everything. Remember that and you will succeed.
Natural lighting is your best friend. Take all your pictures near a good source of natural light. You could take it a step further and go outside. As much light as you can possibly get, the better.

4) Choose/Find your aesthetic™ / Keeping to a theme

So, once you got a great username and some pictures ready to post, you’re going to need to edit. To edit you need to know what your aesthetic is going to be. Cool toned or Warm toned? Black and white? I recommend using an app and sticking with the same filter for every picture, that way you create an ongoing theme – which will make your feed look aesthetically pleasing.

I customised my own filter on the app VSCO and copy it onto every picture I want to post. My current theme looks like this:


5) #Hashtags

Image result for #hashtag gif

Now you’ve got some great pictures all done and ready to post. So you need people to actually see and appreciate your work. This is where hashtags are key!
Hashtags allow others to discover your pictures.
Tips for utilising hashtags:
– Keep a note of your most used hashtags so you can copy + paste into each post
– Use relevant hashtags (i.e. #Bookstagram)
– Don’t use too little; you want as much exposure as possible
– Don’t use too many. Apparently, there is a limit of how many hashtags you can use but also how many times your picture can appear. I recommend around 15-20 hashtag maximum. With a minimum of 10.

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12 thoughts on “So You Want To Start a Bookstagram?! | Bookstagram 101

  1. Great post and tips. I haven’t been using Instagram to post pics from the past few months because I am too lazy to click pictures. This post gave me the much-needed nudge to start using Insta again. I’ll check out that VSCO app!!

    Liked by 1 person

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