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The Game of Thrones Book Tag!

Hey everyone!

The Game of Thrones Book Tag was originally created by Biblio Nyan

HOUSE LANNISTER: HEAR ME ROAR Image result for house lannisterName a book that you originally loved, but upon a re-read realised that it wasn’t so great after all.

Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas.
Initially, I really enjoyed HoF but upon rereading last year, I realised it’s my least favourite book in the series. (Joint with Tower of Dawn) I found it to be slow and boring.

HOUSE STARK: WINTER IS COMINGImage result for house stark

Name your most anticipated book release for 2019

I have so many! But one is The Burning White by Brent Weeks. Last book in the Lightbringer series! I cannot wait to see how it all ends, though I will be super sad. It’s a brilliant series.
I can’t wait to complete another series. I feel like I’m forever starting them so it will be nice to have one completed!

HOUSE TARGARYEN: FIRE AND BLOOD Image result for house targaryen

Name a book that you felt completely slayed with fantastic characters, plot, pacing, etc.

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas. Another ToG book.
But damn that book was perfection. The characters were amazing, the plot was insane and the pace was utterly perfect. It is a huge book but felt small. I was drinking that up.

HOUSE BARATHEON: OURS IS THE FURYImage result for house baratheon

Name a book that ended with a cliffhanger ending that genuinely pissed you off.

The Wicked King by Holly Black
Unpopular opinion: I didn’t love this book. I barely even liked it. It was so meh. I spent the vast majority of the book bored and waiting for something good to happen and it never did. Until right at the end. Literally, like the last 2-3 pages. Biggest cliffhanger. I genuinely didn’t think I’d be continuing onto the next book but now I want to because of that ending???? 


Image result for house martell

Name a book or book series, that’s been on your TBR since the dawn of time.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
This has been on my tbr since before it came out. I finally got a copy for christmas last year and I’m determined to read it and Godsgrave this summer ready for Darkdawn!


Name the most graphic or disturbing book that you’ve ever read.

I genuinely don’t think I’ve read anything that has disturbed me. I’m the biggest wimp, if something sounds scary or disturbing I will avoid it like the plague.

I suppose this is fitting for this question but Ramsay is pretty disturbing in ASOIAF. Though I don’t remember specifically which book.


Image result for house tyrell

Name a book, or book series, that gets better and better with every re-read.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
I absolutely adore this book. If someone asks what my favourite book is, I say this one. I’ve read it twice and I’m probably going to reread it again this summer. I love the story, the world, the characters, I seriously cannot get bored with this book. It’s amazing.

I tag:
Nox @ Noxreads

+ Anyone who wants to do it!

What is your Game of Thrones/ASOIAF House?
I’m House Lannister!


5 thoughts on “The Game of Thrones Book Tag!

  1. Planning on re-reading Warbreaker for the first time this year – so glad to hear it lives up to that first read, because it’s my favourite by Sanderson, and is in joint place for my favourite book of all time.
    Really excited to re-read it!

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