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Things I LOVED About Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas | Discussion


Hey everyone! Happy Saturday 🙂
This is a discussion/chatty post about Kingdom of Ash; so there will be SPOILERS!

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1) The Character Development of EVERYONE

Cannot praise SJM enough for the amazing character development for practically every character. Such a vastly different set of characters from the beginning, I have loved watching them grow. *sobs*

It’s so beautiful to see how far Aelin, Chaol + Dorian have come since the beginning. I am so glad they get to reunite and remain friends.
Manon’s character development has been insane, I started off hating her with a passion but now I actually like her.
Lorcan’s character development is another of my favourites! He went from such an ass to a total sweetheart and I live for it.

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2) The Ships

Image result for pirates of the caribbean ship gif

This book was a bloody armada of ships.
My favourites being: ELORCAN. Followed closely by Rowaelin
Two words: Lorcan Lochan. I live for Elide and Lorcan. If this ship had sunk I would’ve lost my shit. They’re perfection.
Rowaelin are just goals, as always.

Least favourites being: Lysandra + Aedion & Manon + Dorian
I was totally okay with Lysandra and Aedion until Kingdom of Ash; these two are probably my least favourite characters but Aedion, GOD. In this book, Aedion is such an asshole. He treats Lysandra SO BAD. I hate him and I cannot believe she forgave him.

Even though I managed to actually enjoy Manon in this book, I still don’t feel like Dorian and Manon are well suited?? Everyone seems to love them but I don’t get it.

3) The Feels

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Cannot even tell you how many times this book made me cry. I cried so much. I think this book is the only book I have ever cried over multiple times throughout.
I cried for Aelin; her being tortured was heartbreaking.
I cried over the Thirteen; I seriously did not see this coming. ALL THE THIRTEEN GONE WITH MANON WATCHING. Cannot cope.
Even shed a tear for old Gavriel. So lovely how he sacrificed himself for Aedion. *sniffs*

ELORCAN getting together. Cries. Elide going out on the battlefield to find Lorcan and willing to die with him. Oh my god, the feels.

4) The Pacing

This book did not feel almost 1000 pages long. The pace was written so well; it felt so short?! I could’ve read double, honestly. Everything with perfectly placed, there were no slow or boring parts; it was just perfection.

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5) The Cover.

Image result for kingdom of ash

Last but not least; the cover! I think it’s my favourite of the whole series. It’s just so damn gorgeous. The colour scheme is just to die for, I love the white background of all the books but this one is just perfection. (I definitely prefer the UK Paperback to the US Hardcover, not a fan of the yellow)

What are your thoughts on Kingdom of Ash?


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