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Review: The Light Between Us by Katie Khan (Spoiler Free!)


Isaac and Thea were once close, but they’ve grown apart.

Thea works tirelessly, convinced she can prove everyone around her wrong – convinced she can prove that time travel is possible. But when one of her attempts goes wrong, she finds herself picking up the phone and calling her old friend.

Isaac is in New York – it’s the middle of the night, but when he sees who’s calling him, he cannot ignore his phone. At Thea’s request, he travels home, determined to help her in her hour of need.

But neither of them are prepared for what they will discover when he gets there.

Okay, so let me start off by saying; Katie Khan is a beautiful writer. I absolutely adore her writing style, it’s such a joy to read and such a breeze to get through!
Her books are Sci-fi/Romance done right.  I previously read her book Hold Back the Stars, although this didn’t live up to that one, for me,  it was still really enjoyable. I cannot wait for her to write another book, she is definitely an auto-buy author for me now, I just love the way she writes!

The book follows Thea as she is kicked out of Oxford for going ahead with her experiments to prove time travel to be real. She ends up going back to her family home and continuing the experiments there, except this time it goes horribly wrong. One of her friends, Rosy, who volunteered to go back in time, disappears, the story follows Thea and Isaac trying to piece together what went wrong and how to get their friend back.

I wasn’t quite invested in the plot of this book as I was with Hold Back the Stars, I did really like the characters but the plot was a bit weak. I felt it focused too much on Isaac and Thea’s relationship rather than spending time looking for Rosy. I felt that fact that Rosy was missing took a bit of a back seat to the romance between Isaac and Thea. I did like their relationship and I’m a little sad at the ending!

Thea: It’s so nice to have a smart, determined female main character, especially one who has to explain science to a man! It’s so common for women to be the ‘dumber’ one and have men explain to them how science works, it’s nice to see the roles reversed.
Thea is a quirky, weird but fun main character, I did really like her and enjoyed reading from her perspective.

Isaac: Isaac was adorable! I liked his personality and his cluelessness when it comes to science was funny and very relatable. His relationship with Thea is pretty cute!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Light Between Us is out NOW! Get your copy here:
Amazon UK | Book Depository

*Thank you to Penguin Books UK for sending this to me, in exchange for an honest review.


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