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Reading On a Budget: Where To Find Cheap Books



A great way to get books cheap would be to buy them secondhand. New books, especially new releases can be pretty pricey, when I can, I always buy my books used/secondhand. You can save so much money by buying used books, yeah okay sometimes you can’t get new releases but unless I’m super desperate, I’ll wait until I can get it secondhand or the price drops.

Have a browse through your local charity/secondhand/thrift shops for books, I’ve have found some really cheap books from there. In one of my local charity shops, they have a deal of 3 paperbacks for £1!
Another way to find secondhand books would be at any local fayres or car boot sales, they’ll be dirt cheap! I recently went to a summer fayre at a local church and the paperback books for just 20p!
The best thing about buying secondhand books in person is that you can see the quality and condition they’re in for yourself. Whereas online, they can say it’s in ‘very good condition’ but it could come a bit damaged.

Online – If you don’t fancy going rummaging around charity shops and car boot sales, you can always buy secondhand books online.
My favourite places to shop for secondhand books online are; World of Books, Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Music Magpie.

From World of Books, I ordered Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor and it came as a first edition SIGNED copy. I was so excited, I had no idea when I ordered. You can really get some hidden gems when buying secondhand!

With places like Amazon Marketplace and eBay make sure you read the reviews/feedback of the sellers, so you know they’re legit. Also, make sure you check the location of the seller and the delivery charges so you aren’t caught out! If you’d rather stick to big sellers go for World of Books or Music Magpie, I’ve never had any trouble ordering from them (+ the delivery is free!).

Amazon Marketplace is good for both new and used books, you can compare prices and find the cheapest option available, usually, there are places cheaper than Amazon themselves.

amazon-marketClick underneath the Amazon prices to look at the Marketplace prices and compare, as shown in the picture above, you can save a lot by buying from other sellers on Amazon.
Amazon usually has some sort of deal on paperbacks, sometimes the offer is 2 for £7 or 3 for £10, if you prefer to buy your books new, this might save you some £££.

Other places to buy cheap new/ unused books would be The Works, they have a decent book selection and always have deals and offers going on. I’ve seen deals like 6 paperbacks for £10 online and in my local store, it’s 3 for £5.
My local WHSmith has a clearance section with hundreds of discounted books, I have got brand new books there for just £1. It’s worth seeing if any of your local bookstores have a clearance section too!

That’s all my tips for now! The next post in this Reading on a Budget series will be how to get books for free! Stay tuned for that!

**Disclaimer – This post is NOT sponsored, all the companies mentioned are ones I personally use and my opinion is based on my experience using them. 

Comment and let me know your favourite places to buy books! 


6 thoughts on “Reading On a Budget: Where To Find Cheap Books

  1. I love The Works – you can often find a great bargain in there. I also recommend Costco if you know someone who has a membership card who can take you – luckily my parents have one. They often have really cheap boxsets of series and cheap copies of the latest hardbacks.

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  2. Ah shame! I luckily have one really close to me. The books on sale there are often a bit hit and miss. But occasionally they have some good stuff.


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