2018 Reading/Bookish Goals




1) Read more diversely

I want to read books with more diverse characters, whether that being different sexualities, genders or races. Majority of the books I read this year featured straight, white characters and I’d like that to change! Being mixed race myself, I would love to read books where the main character is of mixed heritage, it appeals to me and maybe I could relate the character on a different level. I’ll have to look into some books with mixed race main characters and maybe once I read some I’ll do a blog post at some point.

2)  Read more diverse genres

 I feel like I need to branch out with my reading, I tend to always go for fantasy, fantasy is by far my favourite genre and always will be. But I want to go out of my comfort zone a bit and read some more genres and maybe discover some new favourite genres! One genre I would love to get into is classics, I am going to study English Literature at university and I’m sure there’s going to be loads of classics on the course and I want to get used to reading and analysing before I start university. I would also love to get into non-fiction, I have barely read any non-fiction other than a few autobiographies/memoirs.

3) Be a more analytical reader

as I said above, I’ll be studying English Literature and analytic skills are pretty much essential. I also think it would be useful for writing reviews, properly understanding the book and also for realising its good and bad points.

4) Listen to more audiobooks

I listened to an audiobook for the first time this year and surprisingly I really, really enjoyed it. I ended up listening to 5 audiobooks this year and I really enjoyed every one of them. I hope to continue to listen to more audiobooks in 2018 as they’re great for on-the-go, I have to travel to college by bus which takes a while and audiobooks help the time fly!

5) Stop hoarding books: 

If I don’t like it, get rid of it! What’s the point of a book I didn’t like taking up room on my shelves? I don’t have the room to get another shelf. In 2018 I will be having a clear out, either selling or donating books I don’t want anymore. I will also be letting go of books I don’t think I’ll ever get around to reading and just keeping the books that I am actually excited about reading. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself through a book you aren’t enjoying!

6) Use the library more
I started off using the library a lot in the beginning of 2017, by the end I didn’t use it at all. After joining Bookstagram I felt obliged to buy books to take pictures with, which is silly. So in 2018, I plan to start using the library more regularly again, I need to save some money and take advantage of free books!

7) No more TBR’s
I mentioned this in my last post (December Wrap-up), I am a huge mood reader and sticking to a set TBR makes me demotivated to read. The more I think about things, the less I want to do them, I have no idea why this is. It applies to a lot of things in my life, I guess it’s to do with my anxiety.  So from now on, I am just going to pick up whatever books takes my fancy!

Have a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “2018 Reading/Bookish Goals

  1. Great post. I’m also going to try read out of my comfort zone. I tend to read Sci fi and thrillers which are great but I feel I’m missing out on other genres. Look forward to seeing how you get on!


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