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2017 Reading Wrap-up!

Here is my year in books for 2017:


Boy! What a year. 2017 was definitely a great reading year for me, I read a total of 91 books! So I definitely exceeded all expectations.

Monthly totals:

January: 12 Books
February: 8 Books
March: 10 Books
April: 7 Books
May: 10 Books
June: 7 Books
July: 6 Books
August: 6 Books
September: 7 Books
October: 7 Books
November: 5 Books
December: 6 Books

January was clearly my best reading month, followed closely by March and May. I’m actually surprised May was such a good reading month, considering I should’ve been revising for exams. Clearly, I procrastinated, a lot and read instead of doing maths. Oops.
It’s all good, the exam went really well, luckily!

Not sure 2018 will be as good as of a reading year, as I have college and will no doubt be inundated with assignments and I’ll be starting university in September. Maybe I’ll read loads over the summer when I’m completely free for a few months!

How much did you read this year? Comment down below and let me know!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

– Leisha




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